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"If you're looking for a quality application essay for college or university and you don't want to break the bank getting one, you should take a serious look at Shaun Fawcett's admission essay writing Kit. It's an incredible value..."

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If you need help writing a college admission essay or personal statement for Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA, Law, or Medicine - this Kit will put 49 professionally written templates in your word processor 5 minutes from now...

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Instant College Admission Essay Kit
If You're "Spinning Your Wheels"
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This Admission Essay Writing Toolkit
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"Not only will the Kit help you write an essay that gets results, but it will mold you into a better writer as well. Without a doubt, the book is the best tool for planning and writing an essay that I have ever seen -- one which I imagine college students will keep under their beds for help planning and writing essays throughout their college career."
--- David S. Showalter, San Dimas, CA, USA.

The never-before-published information and templates in this Kit guarantee you a quality admission essay
in record time, for next to nothing!

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Message from the Author, Shaun Fawcett, M.B.A.

Dear College or University Applicant,

I'm sure you're well aware that your college admission application essays and/or personal statements will be among the most important documents you'll ever write.

After all, how often in your entire life are you going to have to submit between 500 and 1,500 written words about yourself that will have a major impact on the direction you will follow for your foreseeable future?

Not very often, I would guess -- but that's what college application essays kits are all about!

Well, I have good news for your peace of mind. Instant College Admission Essay Kit will show you exactly how to write a first-class application essay or personal statement, AND it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

But before I get into the details, please let me briefly introduce myself.

My name is Shaun Fawcett. I'm a professional writer and business consultant with more than 25 years of professional experience. (about)

Over the past few years, I have become quite well-known in Internet circles as the Webmaster of one of the most popular writing help sites on the Net, Over 7,000 people from all over the world visit that site every day looking for information and help with their day-to-day English language writing needs.

I am also the creator of what is quite possibly the most popular Writing Help Course on the Internet, "Tips and Tricks For Writing Success". More than 55,000 people from over 170 countries have now taken that Course. Rave reviews for the Course continue to pour in every day from all corners of the globe.

In addition, I'm the author of a series of ten popular writing-related eBooks to-date: Instant Home Writing Kit, Instant Recommendation Letter Kit, Instant Business Letter Kit, Instant Resignation Letter Kit, Instant Reference Letter Kit, Instant College Admission Essay Kit, Instant Book Writing Kit, How To Write A How-To Book (or eBook), Internet Basics For Beginners, and Writing Success Secrets.

Let's Face It, Admission Essays Aren't Easy (or Cheap)
To Write...

It wasn't long after I published Instant Recommendation Letter Kit that I realized that there are a lot of people out there desperate for some good advice on how to write a quality admission essay.

Many buyers of my Recommendation Letter Kit would e-mail or call me and tell me that the recommendation letters were great, but could I please help them with their application essays. In some cases I did assist them, when I had the time. In most cases I had to refer them to one of the few admission essay services that I trust.

But there's a catch when you use a premium essay service. It's going to cost you.

If you've checked out any of those admission essay services, you'll know that they aren't always the most ideal and cost-effective solution for an admission essay.

Number one; Most of them want you to provide them with an already drafted essay up-front.

Not only that, they then charge you just to evaluate your draft and to tell you how much more it's going to cost you for them to develop a final essay for you.

Costs can start adding up pretty darn quickly when you don't have a decently written draft to start with. If that's your situation, you had better get your check book or credit card out and make sure you've got a few bucks available in your account.

This will be especially the case if you need more than one essay. Or, the most costly scenario of all; if you don't have a draft of your own, so the essay service has to draft one from scratch for you (heaven forbid!).

First, I Had To Develop An Interim Solution
To The Problem...

I became aware of this whole cost-effectiveness problem while researching and writing my Recommendation Letter Kit last year.

As stated above, many people who bought that eBook were almost begging me to also write their application essays and statements for them. I felt badly when people contacted me and I just didn't have the time to help them out.

So, I decided to do something in the interim to at least make it easier (and cheaper) for them.

That's why I researched and wrote my eBook Buyers Guide To Online Writing Services for College Admission Essays and Recommendation Letters.

To this day, I still give that eBook away as a free bonus with Instant Recommendation Letter Kit. I'm sure it has helped hundreds of people make a rational and cost-effective decision about which admission essay service is best for them.

But as I said, that Bonus eBook was a good "interim" measure. I knew from my research and the feedback I was getting from customers that a better, longer-term solution was still needed.

That's why I developed this solution... Instant College Admission Essay Kit.

Time Out:
Before you go any further, why not sign-up for my FREE mini-course, "Tips and Tricks For Writing Success!"? More than 55,000 people from over 170 countries have taken this internationally acclaimed writing tips Course covering: letter-writing tips, cover letters, recommendation letters, business letters, resume writing, beating writer's block, and more.

It's a FREE 7-part info-series, sent by e-mail every other day. There's no obligation.

Your first lesson will be delivered to your inbox instantly. You can unsubscribe at anytime, although I doubt if you'll want to once you realize the value of the Course.

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Then, I Developed This Kit As The Long-Term Solution
To Your Admission Essay Dilemma

While researching the problem of how to write cost-effective admission essays and personal statements I realized that there is a gaping hole when it comes to the limited "how-to" information that is available on the subject.

Sure, there are a few paperbacks available, but they are largely compilations of old essays put together by mostly stuffy academics who drone on and on, without ever putting it all together in a hands-on accessible toolkit fashion.

In fact, many of those books are just invitations to plagiarize. Something you definitely don't want to do with your admission essay.

I just couldn't find any real "hands on" tools that would actually help someone draft their own essay from scratch.

So, I decided to apply the same winning formula that I have used with all of my other writing toolkits. That is� to develop a toolkit eBook that combines how-to advice, with real- life templates, PLUS a set of "hands-on tools" that you can actually apply to your whole admission essay writing process.

That's exactly what Instant College Admission Essay Kit is. A comprehensive toolkit loaded with "how-to" advice, tips, pointers, professionally-edited downloadable templates, and practical tools that you can actually apply to the development and writing of your own essay!

This Kit is more than just another "how-to" eBook. It is a complete and comprehensive one-stop admission essay writing "toolkit", in every sense of the word.

Here's What Instant College Admission Essay Kit
Will Give You...

You'll have everything you need to write a high quality admission essay or personal statement using this comprehensive admission essay writing toolkit filled with how-to advice, tips, tricks, tools, and real-life templates.

You'll own a comprehensive admission essay writing toolkit with over 360 pages of how-to tips, advice, pointers, tools and real-life templates.

You'll have direct download access to 49 Professionally-Edited Admission Essay Templates covering undergraduate, graduate, MBA, law and medicine applications.

You'll get 17 Essential Drafting Guidelines for writing a successful admission essay or personal statement. (Ignore these at your own peril!).

You'll discover the 7 Common Errors You Don't Want To Make in your essay that many applicants continue to make, over and over again. (Don't you make these!)

You'll receive a comprehensive toolkit of 6 Essay Preparation Tools, with detailed guidance on everything you need to do when preparing to write your essay.

You'll get 6 Formatted Blank Templates that you can use to apply the essay preparation tools to your own essay writing situation.

You'll have exclusive access to my unique "Template Adaptation Method" that shows you step-by-step, how to use templates for your essays without plagiarizing.

You'll be given direct access hyperlinks to my fully-researched "Top 25 List" of online resources, services, and tools for writing admission essays.

You'll receive a copy of my personal "Top 20 List" of recommended writing reference resources and their hyperlinks.

As you can clearly see from the above list, Instant College Admission Essay Kit is MORE than just a bunch of hastily thrown together over-used templates.

Rather, it is a complete and comprehensive manual that shows you exactly how to write high quality admission essays and/or personal statements that will demand the attention of Admissions Committee reviewers.

To see a sample admission essay template from the Kit Click here!
Using the tips, tools and templates in the Kit will ensure that you get careful consideration for acceptance into your college or university program of choice.

And you can get the Kit right here.

In addition, You Get THREE Bonuses With This Kit...

Over and above the main Admission Essay eBook (212 pages, 70,000 words), you also get three value-added bonuses with the Kit.

Bonus Extra One!

49 essay templates that you can download straight into your own word processor (MS-Word or equivalent), and work with in developing your own essay.

The Kit includes my unique "Template Adaptation Method" with step-by-step instructions on how to use the downloadable templates to fast-track your own
     essay(s) without you ever being accused of plagiarism.

Bonus Extra Two!

Brace yourself! Make sure you're sitting down before you read about this one!

If you use the information, advice, tools and templates in the main Kit do develop your own admission essay or personal statement, and still aren't sure about it, you
     can send it to me and I will do a free evaluation of your essay and get back to
     you within 24 hours with my professional assessment of your essay.

Yes, that's right! If after drafting your essay you feel you need a second opinion, just e-mail your draft to me and I'll send you my assessment by e-mail for no extra       charge. The premium essay services all charge extra for this service.

This Free Assessment Offer is valid for one full year from your purchase date.

Bonus Extra Three!

You will be automatically eligible for a 50% discount off the regular price of my best-selling all-purpose writing toolkit Instant Home Writing Kit ($13 value).

Instant Home Writing Kit is a one-stop general purpose writing toolkit that contains "how-to" tips, tricks, and information for writing the most sought after personal and business documents including: recommendation letters, resignation letters, reference letters, business letters, cover letters, thank you letters, complaint letters, sales letters, resumes, essays, reports, and more. The Kit contains over 50 fully-formatted real-life templates that you can download into your word processor. view it here

All you need to do to get this bonus discount is just send me an e-mail after you have bought the Admission Essay Kit. I'll send you a special purchase link where you can go to purchase the Writing Kit at your special discount price.

Here's where you can get it right now.

"Real-Life" Templates Will Almost
Write The Essay For You...

Let me take just a minute here to make sure you understand exactly what you're getting with the "real-life essay templates" in this Kit.

Here's the story on real-life templates...

When you purchase the eBook Instant College Admission Essay Kit, in addition to the information-packed eBook (i.e. 212 pages, 70,000 words), you will ALSO receive a Bonus "essay-writing toolkit" packed with 49 professionally-edited college admission essay templates that you can download straight into your word processing program!

Just picture this scenario in your mind's eye...

1. You have to write your admission essay or personal statement in a hurry.

2. You check the eBook and find the sample template that best fits your need.

3. You open that specific template right into your word processing program.

4. Using my unique "Template Adaption Method", you copy, cut, and paste revisions to fit your specific situation -- without plagiarizing.

VOILA! You've got your fully-formatted, professional-quality final document all ready-to-go in finished form, just like a real professional would write it!

Just think of the writing power this will give you!

No worries about having to start your essay from a blank page or screen. No laborious retyping or recopying from scratch. It's almost like an instant essay creator!

This is the power and the beauty of "real-life downloadable templates.

To see a sample personal statement essay template from the Kit Click here!

Think Of This Kit As An Investment In Your Future...

I'm not going to spend a lot of time here trying to rationalize the price of Instant College Admission Essay Kit.

The whole reason that I developed this Kit was to provide people who need admission essay assistance with a cost-effective alternative to the usually very expensive admission essay services.

I think you'll see below that I've done just that.

As mentioned above, I've spent literally hundreds of hours researching every aspect of how to write Recommendation Letters and College Admission Essays.

So, I've done the research, and here are the facts:

  1. To get a single 800 to 1,000 word "draft" admission essay revised and finalized (i.e. draft essay supplied by you) by an essay preparation service, will cost you between $175 and $600, depending on which service you choose. Figure about $350, on average.

  2. To get a single 800 to 1,000 word essay drafted from scratch (i.e. no draft supplied by you) by an essay preparation service, will cost you between $275 and $800, depending on which service you use. Say about $450, on average.

These estimates are based on the rates and conditions published on the Web sites of what I consider to be the premium admission essay sites on the Web. (There are a couple of "bargain basement" services that start at around $100, for a full edit, but I wouldn't touch those services with a ten-foot pole).

To see what the admission essay services are charging these days Click here!
Take note that the rates I quoted above are single essay rates. If you have multiple essays for one or more programs, you had better start talking to your bank manager about a loan. You can start saving your money right here.

If you're starting to worry about how much this Kit is going to cost you - don't!

Instead, think about the following...

I've Priced This Kit Super Low So That
You Can't Afford NOT To Get It!

That's right! One of my main objectives when I first conceived this Kit was to make the final product affordable by just about anyone who's serious about applying to a college program.

I wanted to make sure the price stays well below what the admission essay services charge, even for their most basic writing/editing services.

In fact, I wanted to keep the price so low that, even if you decide at some point you want to use an admission essay service (for whatever reason), you could still purchase this eBook (for well under $50) and use it to develop your initial draft.

You could then submit that draft essay to one of the above-mentioned services and still save yourself a bundle!

Referring to the cost comparisons I did above; you would still save somewhere between $100 and $200 per essay by using this Kit. That's from 2 to 5 times the cost of the Kit in savings - for each essay you have to submit!

Of course, you only buy this Kit once, so think of the extra savings gained for each additional essay you are required to submit! That's because you can use the Kit Over and over again, since it doesn't charge by the hour!

In fact, when one considers the value of the information and tools included in Instant College Admission Essay Kit, the price is almost unbelievably low.

Professional pricing research has revealed that for a unique eBook like this Kit, packaged together with downloadable templates, I should be charging somewhere between $45 and $75 per copy. (For a College Admission Letter Toolkit, probably even more).

That being said, I'm almost embarrassed to tell you how low I have priced this Kit during its initial market launch phase.

Are you ready for this?

Because Instant College Admission Essay Kit has just recently been released for the very first time, I've decided to charge a super-low Special Introductory Price of $39. (No, that's not a typo, it is $39... for now!).

Whoa! That's what an admission essay service will charge you for about 20 minutes work!

Soon, that price will be going up. But right now, in order to reach the widest possible audience I have decided to offer this value-packed package at this special low market penetration price. (Eventually it will be somewhere between $45 and $50, likely $49).

(Please Note: Because of the dynamic nature of the Net, we review these prices every day, so we cannot guarantee this low price for more than 24 hours at a time. So if you're seriously thinking of buying, DO IT NOW, so you won't miss out and be disappointed.)

Think about it. You'll save from 2 to 5 times the value of the Kit, the very first time you use it to draft your own admission essay! That's right, the very first time!

You can download the Kit right here.

Here's Your 100% Solid Gold Risk-Free Guarantee!

"I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort and apply the information and templates in this Kit to your own admission essay writing needs you will save yourself money, time, and hassles within three months. So, you've got two full months (8 weeks) to study and use this material and prove that these templates and related information will save you time, trouble, and money. If during that period you aren't fully satisfied let me know and I'll issue you an immediate no-hassle refund."

IN SUMMARY, here's what you get with the Kit...

THE One-Stop Comprehensive Manual on how to write all types of admission essays (212 pages, 70,000 words). It's THE ONLY ONE that exists.

49 Professionally-Edited Real-Life Admission Essay Templates that you can download straight into your own word processor and use as you choose.

A powerful essay-writing toolkit detailing 17 Essential Drafting Guidelines, 7 Most Common Essay Errors, and 6 Key Essay Preparation Tools and Templates.

Almost 50 fully-researched links to the top admission essay resources and writing resources online.

A 50% discount off the regular price of my best-selling all-purpose writing toolkit "Instant Home Writing Kit".

Free Professional Evaluation of your draft essay when you use the Kit to develop your own admission essay or personal statement.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee should you find that your use of the Kit does not save you significant amounts of money, time and trouble.

THE most powerful set of writing tools that you will ever need to produce your own high-quality college program admission essays or personal statements.

Special Buyer's Bonus!

With your purchase of Instant College Admission Essay Kit you will receive a complimentary copy of my popular and acclaimed writing help eBook "Writing Success Secrets - Practical Tips and Tricks for Everyday Writing"...

Writing Success Secrets is a comprehensive "how-to" eBook designed to help people with their everyday writing tasks. Its 89 pages are packed with over 20,000 words of tips, tricks, advice, pointers and information on how to improve one's writing in just about every area where writing help is required on a daily basis. The nine chapters cover 20 different practical writing topics. This is a powerful general purpose writing toolkit that covers the entire range of day-to-day practical writing needs for home, business, and school. This $19.95 value will be yours, for free!

"Shaun, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me with my admission essay for graduate school. So many schools accepted me, it was hard to pick which one to attend. I ended up choosing McGill.

So, thanks for your help with the admission essay! You remember, right? It was the essay about library and information science... Thanks a lot for the extra editing you did. I bet I'll need some emergency help again for essay writing in the next two years....."
--- M. Blader, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

"Instant College Admission Essay Kit
Will Save You A Bundle and
Let You Quickly and Easily
Produce A Quality Admission Essay
That Will Get You In..."

(Never purchased an eBook on the Net before? Click here!

Download the Kit by SECURE SERVER Now...

Yes I want my own copy of Instant College Admission Essay Kit including: the 212-page eBook full of "how to" tips, tricks, advice, pointers and tools; the 49 real-life admission essay templates that I can download into my word processor and edit; plus the almost 50 fully-researched hyperlinks to online admission essay writing resources. Yes I understand that this is a special limited-time introductory offer and that my credit card account will be charged only $49 $39. during this promotion period. I also understand that my order is fully guaranteed, and if using the Kit doesn't save me money, time, and effort during the first two months, I can request a no-hassle refund.

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Get ready! In just a few minutes you will be the owner of THE definitive information resource and toolkit for writing every kind of admission essay and personal statement.
Talk about instant gratification!

"Instant College Admission Essay Kit will get you in."

Here's a quick closing remark:

The very best to you and yours,

Shaun Fawcett, M.B.A.

P.S. ---- If you came to this Web site looking for information on how to write an admission essay or personal statement, this Kit was created for you. If you're looking for a resource that will give you a professional quality application essay that will gain you acceptance to the college or university program of your choice, this is it. And you can order it here right now!

P.P.S. -- You've got lots to gain and nothing to lose with my two-month Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. Besides, what's your future worth? If this Kit helps you draft just one successful admission essay, you'll already have the cost of the Kit covered. So do yourself a favor and order it now before the price goes up!

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